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The Last Man Standing table below keeps everyone up to date with selections participants have selected, names highlighted in WHITE will remain in the competition as their selection will have won their match and it will mean progression to the next week of the competition. Names highlighted in RED will mean your selected team will have failed to win their match and therefore you will be eliminated from the competition. Remember all participants must make their selection before 7 pm on the Thursday before the weekend's matches by texting their selection with your name to 086-3838362.


* Denotes Team Automatically Assigned *



Round 1

Sat 9th

Sun 10th

Mon 11th

February 2019

Round 2

Tues 26th

Wed 27th

February 2019

Round 3

Sat 2nd

Sun 3rd

March 2019

Round 4

Sat 9th

Sun 10th

March 2019

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8

Round 9

Round 10

1Gavin KeeganArsenalLeicesterWest HamCrystal Palace

2Gareth WildesMan UtdArsenalChelseaLeicester

3Joe MitchellArsenalLeicesterMan UtdMan City

4Louise MitchellArsenalLiverpoolMan UtdLeicester

5Mark DelaneyWolves

6George MitchellCrystal Palace

7Jim FoleyMan UtdMan CityChelseaLiverpool

8Aoife MitchellWolves

9Tom VickersTottenhamLiverpoolMan UtdChelsea

10Shane DunneLiverpoolNewcastleChelseaLeicester

11Ron MurrayMan UtdFulham

12Adam CopelandLiverpoolArsenalMan UtdLeicester

13Rosemary CopelandMan UtdLeicesterChelseaLiverpool

14Franny CopelandLiverpoolWolves

15Chris SillerySouthampton

16Natasha CoffeyArsenalMan CityMan UtdLiverpool

17Kevin StedmanMan UtdMan CityWest HamLeicester

18Muriel KoyceArsenalLeicesterMan UtdLiverpool

19Laura VickersArsenalMan UtdChelseaMan City

20Alex CoffeySouthampton

21Fred BoxallLiverpoolArsenalMan UtdLeicester

22Tracey BoxallTottenhamMan CityMan UtdCrystal Palace

23Harrison BoxallWolves

24Michelle DowhanLiverpoolArsenalWolvesLeicester

25Ralph BoxallArsenalMan CityMan UtdCrystal Palace

26Gerry ScullyArsenalLiverpoolMan UtdLeicester

27Willie O'BrienLiverpoolMan UtdMan CityBournemouth

28James ScullyArsenalLeicesterWolvesCrystal Palace

29Patrick Clarke JnrLiverpoolArsenalBrightonLeicester

30Nobby ClarkeLiverpoolMan CityMan UtdLeicester

31Ger O'MalleyCrystal Palace

32Ian O'BrienLiverpoolArsenalMan UtdMan City

33Stephen TierneyLiverpoolArsenalWolvesLeicester

34Brian ConnollyArsenalMan CityChelseaLiverpool

35Johnny DunneLiverpoolMan CityMan UtdLeicester

36Margaret DunneLiverpoolMan CityMan UtdChelsea

37Liam ByrneEverton

38Teddy DunneLiverpoolArsenalWolvesMan City

39Edward DunneArsenalWolves

40Spud MurphyWolves

41Joe WhyteSouthampton

42Darren CoffeyMan UtdArsenalChelseaMan City

43Joe Mitchell Snr.LiverpoolMan CityMan UtdWest Ham

44Catherine MitchellMan UtdWolves

45David VickersArsenalMan CityMan UtdLiverpool

46Decky CowdryWolves

47Davio CoppolaWest Ham

48Mark O'NeillArsenalWolves

49Zach HarrisArsenalMan CityChelseaWest Ham

50Anthony EarlsWolves

51Declan EarlsWolves

52Gail DunneTottenhamMan CityMan UtdChelsea

53Jonathon DunneMan UtdMan CityChelseaLiverpool

54Alan O'BrienArsenalWolves

55Keith JamesonWolves

56Ciaran ConnollyMan UtdMan CityBrightonLeicester

57Paul DelaneyArsenalWolves

58Joe VickersArsenalLiverpoolMan UtdTottenham

59Liam TheoLiverpoolArsenalWolvesMan City

60Richie QuinnLiverpoolMan CityChelseaLeicester

61Cyril EvansArsenalMan CityMan UtdLiverpool

62Jack EvansArsenalWolves

63Mark MulvilleWolves

64Martin LynhamSouthampton

65Bernie DelaneyArsenalMan CityWolvesLiverpool

66Chris DelaneyLiverpoolMan CityChelseaTottenham

67Gemma Healy BishopArsenalMan CityChelseaTottenham

68Jimmy NolanLiverpoolMan CityMan UtdLeicester

69James NolanLiverpoolArsenalWolvesLeicester

70Catriona NolanLiverpoolMan UtdMan CityEverton

71Killian RheinschMan UtdMan CityWolvesLeicester

72Oisin BreenMan UtdLiverpoolChelseaMan City

73Amy KavanaghMan UtdArsenalChelseaMan City

74Brendan PorterMan UtdTottenham

75Hughie NolanArsenalMan CityMan UtdLeicester

76Lorraine NolanArsenalLiverpoolMan UtdWolves

77Alison NolanArsenalLiverpoolWolvesMan City

78Trevor FlemingArsenalMan CityBrightonTottenham

79Damien DoyleMan UtdLiverpoolChelseaMan City

80Tom FlemingLiverpoolLeicesterBrightonMan City

81Martin ByrneArsenalSouthamptonChelseaMan City

82Bryan DoyleTottenhamMan CityMan UtdLiverpool

83Gerry DoyleTottenhamLiverpoolMan UtdLeicester

84Billy RafterArsenalLiverpoolMan CityLeicester

85Christian CzwalinaLiverpoolMan CityMan UtdLeicester

86Graham NormanArsenalWolves

87Gary DowlingLiverpoolArsenalMan UtdMan City

88Paul/Mikey DowlingArsenalMan CityMan UtdLiverpool

89Bren KavanaghTottenhamMan CityWolvesLeicester

90Wayne CostelloSouthampton

91Avril VickersWolves

92Thomas KellySouthampton

93Maurice DunneLiverpoolMan CityMan UtdLeicester

94Gareth MurphyArsenalLiverpoolWolvesCrystal Palace

95Leonard CartonEverton

96Amy Kavanagh 2LiverpoolMan CityMan UtdLeicester

97Mick HumbyWatfordArsenalWolvesTottenham

98Jack FitzpatrickLiverpoolWolves

99Michael LoughlinLiverpoolArsenalMan UtdMan City

100Dylan DoyleSouthampton

101Kevin MaxwellMan UtdArsenalChelseaLeicester

102John McGettiganLiverpoolMan CityMan UtdLeicester

103Paul [Dido] DunneLiverpoolMan CityMan UtdCrystal Palace

104Anthony DoranLiverpoolMan UtdWolvesChelsea

105David CarthyLiverpoolMan CityMan UtdLeicester

106Gary CarthyLiverpoolMan CityMan UtdChelsea

107Jay TallantSouthampton

108John O'BrienSouthampton

109Shane PenderLiverpoolArsenalMan CityChelsea

110Angela ShovelinArsenalMan UtdBrightonTottenham

111Robert WardwickMan UtdMan CityChelseaLiverpool

112Mark KennedyMan UtdWolves

113Jerry & Connor LewinsMan UtdLiverpoolChelseaMan City

114Maria & James LewinsArsenalWolves

115Noel LewinsMan UtdArsenalMan CityWest Ham

116Jonathan LewinsLiverpoolArsenalMan UtdChelsea

117Jamie DoyleCrystal Palace

118Desmond DoyleMan UtdTottenham

119Ian CumminsArsenalMan CityBrightonLeicester

120Mick KearneyArsenalSouthamptonWest HamMan City

121Max KearneyMan UtdWolves

122Michael DoyleLiverpoolMan CityMan UtdChelsea

123Conor SnellMan UtdMan CityChelseaLiverpool

124John SnellArsenalSouthamptonMan CityChelsea

125Mick RochfordArsenalMan CityLiverpool

126Gerry PhilipsMan UtdWolves

127John ByrneLiverpoolArsenalMan UtdTottenham

128Billy CostelloBrighton

129Leo NewsomeTottenhamLiverpoolMan UtdMan City

130Ian BranniganSouthampton

131Cyril RonanArsenalLiverpoolBrightonMan City

132Tom CoxLiverpoolArsenalMan UtdMan City

133John SheaTottenhamWest Ham

Players Left Standing133106898861
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