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Code of Conduct [Parents]

About The Club

Code of Conduct for Parents

1 – Always show respect for all players, opponents, managers/coaches and officials.

2 – Have realistic expectations for your son/daughter and don’t put him/her under undue pressure.

3 – Ensure that your son/daughter arrives on time for training and matches and that safe arrangements
are in place for getting your son/daughter home afterwards.

4 – Leave coaching to the coaches.

5 – Respect the managers/coaches decisions.

6 – Assist when asked.

7 – Accept disappointment, praise good work and refrain from criticising.

8 – Support the club’s fund-raising activities where possible.

9 – If your son/daughter requires hospital treatment a parent must attend.

10 – Emphasise skill development and practice over winning and how they benefit your child
(and other children/players). De-emphasise games and competition in the lower age groups.

All above is superceded by the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport as directed by The Irish Sports Council and supported by the FAI.

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