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The Last Man Standing table below keeps everyone up to date with selections participants have selected, names highlighted in WHITE will remain in the competition as their selection will have won their match and it will mean progression to the next week of the competition. Names highlighted in RED will mean your selected team will have failed to win their match and therefore you will be eliminated from the competition. Remember all participants must make their selection before 7 pm on the Thursday before the weekend's matches by texting their selection with your name to Damien O'Rourke at 086-3327757.


* Denotes Team Automatically Assigned *



Round 1
Sat 22nd
Sun 23rd
Mon 24th
February 2020

Round 2
Sat 7th
Sun 8th
Mon 9th
Round 3
Fri 19th
Sat 20th
Sun 21st
Mon 22nd
June 2020

Round 4
Tues 23rd
Wed 24th
Thurs 25th
June 2020
Round 5
Sat 27th
Sun 28th
Mon 29th
Tues 30th
Wed 1st
Thurs 2nd
June/July 2020
Round 6
Sat 4th
Sun 5th
Mon 6th
July 2020
Round 7
Tues 7th
Wed 8th
Thurs 9th
July 2020
Round 8
Sat 11th
Sun 12th
Mon 13th
July 2020
Round 9
Tues 14th
Wed 15th
Thurs 16th
Fri 17th
July 2020

Round 10
Sat 18th
Sun 19th
Mon 20th
Tues 21st
Wed 22nd
July 2020
Round 11
Sun 26th
July 2020
1John Gerard McGettiganMan UtdLiverpoolMan CityWolvesArsenalChelseaWatfordAston VillaTottenhamBurnleyEverton
2Wille O'BrienLiverpoolWolves

3George MitchellWolvesLeicesterChelseaMan UtdArsenalLiverpoolTottenham

4Stephen NolanSheffield Utd

5Hughie NolanWolvesLiverpoolMan CityMan UtdArsenalChelseaWatfordLeicester

6James NolanWolvesLiverpoolMan CityLeicester

7Charlie NolanArsenalLiverpoolNorwich

8Catriona NolanMan UtdTottenham

9Alison NolanLiverpoolLeicesterChelseaEvertonMan UtdMan City

10Trevor FlemingSheffield Utd

11Lorraine NolanWolvesLiverpoolMan CityLeicester

12Natasha CoffeyLiverpoolLeicesterMan City Wolves ArsenalMan UtdTottenham

13Franny CopelandLiverpoolLeicesterMan CityWolvesChelsea

14Rosemary CopelandLiverpoolArsenalMan CityLeicester

15Adam CopelandMan UtdArsenalMan CityWolvesChelsea

16Leo NewsomeMan UtdLiverpoolMan CityNewcastle

17Gary CarthyMan UtdLiverpoolMan CityNewcastle

18David CarthyMan UtdSheffield UtdLeicester

19Maurice DunneMan UtdLiverpoolMan CityWolvesArsenalChelseaEverton

20Jim FoleyLiverpoolWolves

21Maria + James LewinsLiverpoolTottenham

22Trevor ConyardLiverpoolSheffield UtdMan CityWolvesArsenalMan UtdWatfordLeicester

23Yvonne ConyardLiverpoolWolves

24Joe Whyte WolvesSheffield UtdMan CityLeicester

25Ross ByrneSheffield Utd

26Ronan ByrneLiverpoolWolves

27Jack FitzpatrickLiverpoolWolves

28Cyril EvansLiverpoolWolves

29Jack EvansLiverpoolWolves

30Maurice KennySheffield Utd

31Anthony EarlsMan UtdLiverpoolArsenal

32Declan EarlsWolvesLiverpoolMan CityTottenhamArsenalMan UtdChelseaLeicester

33Bren KavanaghBurnleyWolves

34Brian ConnollyMan UtdLiverpoolMan CityWolvesArsenalBrightonWatfordWest HamChelseaBurnleyTottenham
35Gerry PhillipsWolvesLiverpoolArsenal

36Margaret DunneWolvesLiverpoolChelseaMan UtdArsenalLeicesterEverton

37Jonathon DunneLiverpoolWolves

38Johnny DunneMan UtdLiverpoolNorwich

39Stephen TierneySheffield Utd

40Jerry + Connor LewinsLiverpoolLeicesterMan CityTottenhamArsenalMan UtdChelseaWest HamSouthampton
41Noel LewinsMan UtdLiverpoolMan CityWolvesChelsea

42Bernie DelaneyLiverpoolWolves

43Paul DelaneyWolvesLiverpoolSouthamptonEvertonArsenalMan UtdMan CityLeicester

44Chris DelaneyLiverpoolLeicesterMan CityTottenhamArsenalMan UtdEverton

45Mark DelaneyWolvesSheffield UtdMan CityNewcastle

46Paddy Clarke Jnr.LiverpoolWolves

47Shane PenderLiverpoolArsenalMan CityMan UtdTottenham

48Killian RheinschSheffield Utd

49Jonathan LewinsLiverpoolWolves

50Alan O'BrienLiverpoolWolves

51Amy KavanaghLiverpoolArsenalMan CityWolvesMan UtdChelseaWest Ham

52Jerry ScullyWolvesLiverpoolMan CityNewcastle

53James ScullyWolvesLeicesterMan CityNewcastle

54Pat ClarkeArsenalLiverpoolMan CityWolvesChelsea

55Gail DunneLiverpoolWolves

56Ciaran ConnollyWolvesLiverpoolArsenal

57KevinSheffield Utd

58MurielSheffield Utd

59Teddy DunneLiverpoolWolves

60John Spud MurphySouthamptonLiverpoolMan CityWolvesArsenalMan UtdWatfordLeicester

61Michael LoughlinLiverpoolWolves

62Billy RafterLiverpoolLeicesterMan CityMan UtdTottenham

63Eoghan DayeLiverpoolLeicesterSouthamptonEvertonArsenalChelseaTottenham

64Cillian DayeCrystal PalaceWolves

65Edward DunneSheffield Utd

66Sarah O'BrienWolvesLiverpoolMan CityLeicester

67John ByrneSheffield Utd

68Keith JamesonSheffield Utd

69Tony O'NeillSouthamptonLeicesterMan CityWolvesArsenalLiverpoolTottenham

70Cyril RonanMan UtdWolves

71Stephen ClarkeLiverpoolSouthampton

72Daniel ClarkeMan UtdWolves

73Mark O'NeillSheffield Utd

74Joe DoyleWolvesLiverpoolSheff Utd

75Declan CowdreyCrystal PalaceWolves

76Graham NormanSheffield Utd

77Lenny CartonWolvesSheffield UtdLeicester

78Ger O'MalleyLiverpoolSouthampton

79Gerry DoyleMan UtdWolves

80Shane DoyleWolvesArsenalMan CityLeicester

81Bryan DoyleWolvesLiverpoolLeicester

82Damien DoyleWolvesSheffield UtdLeicester

83Darren CoffeySheffield Utd

84Wayne DoyleSouthamptonTottenham

85Evan ConyardWolvesSheffield UtdLeicester

86Kale ConyardLiverpoolSheffield UtdMan CityTottenhamMan UtdChelseaWatfordLeicester

87Sam ConyardLiverpoolWolves

88Mick KearneyCrystal PalaceWolves

89Max KearneySheffield Utd

90John SnellLiverpoolChelseaMan CityWolvesArsenalSheffield Utd

91Conor SnellWolvesArsenalMan CityLiverpoolNewcastleMan UtdTottenham

92Tom CoxMan UtdLiverpoolNorwich

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